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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Old Windows

Wisconsin’s winters are notoriously cold. It can be miserable when you come home and feel like you’re barely escaping the elements because your home is cold and drafty.

If you’re sick of using a blow dryer and a roll of giant cling wrap to keep cold air out, then it may be time to look at replacing your old windows. Here are 5 reasons to replace the money-wasting windows in your home:

1. SAVE Money on Energy Costs

Replacing your windows can save you A LOT of money on your heating bill. Nearly half of your energy costs in the winter come from heating your home. The investment in new windows pays for itself with lower utility costs. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable at home because you won’t have to spend the entire winter hiding under blankets!

2. Health Risks

Old windows can be made of hazardous materials, such as lead. This is why many opt to replace windows that contain these materials due to the health problems that could arise.

3. Old Windows are Single-Paned

Older windows are usually single-paned and do not block cold and moisture as well as newer double-paned windows. Not only will upgraded windows help keep your house warmer, but they are less likely to freeze over on the inside of your home and break.

4. Increases Value of Your Home

New windows make your home more attractive whenever you decide to sell. A potential home buyer is willing to pay more for a house with updated windows, as it’ll improve curb appeal!

5. It Looks Great

Not only is the value of your home raised, but new windows drastically improve the look of your home. It can be surprising what updating your windows can do.

Apart from new windows, a combination of new siding and doors will completely TRANSFORM your home. We can assist with one or all, so give us a call to discover what we can do for you!

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