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How Do I Know My House Needs New Siding?

A home in the Kenosha area is exposed to the beauty and the abuse of the four seasons.  Many of the houses in our neighborhoods are fully and partially sided homes the ensure the beauty, affordability, maintenance, and resale value of this major investment.   So when is the best time to consider new siding installation in your Kenosha home?  To answer this question, you simply need to check a few major indicators to help you aid in this important decision.

  • First, does it pass the “eye test”? By taking a hard look at the current physical shape of your siding, you can help determine if a new siding installation in your Kenosha home is the right option for you.
  • Cracks or peeling or rotting wood siding should absolutely be replaced as the situation will only get worse as time goes on.  New siding installation can turn a tired looking house, into a model looking home.
  • If you can feel the elements coming in from the outside, it is time to consider siding installation to close up any openings that allow heat to enter in the summer and the frigid cold to get in during the winter.  And the rain and melting snow can cause larger structural problems and long term deterioration.
  • In addition to Mother Nature’s attempts to enter your Kenosha home, your new siding installation can also help trim that energy bill.  If the climate inside your home is subject to outside intrusion, your appliances must work harder to keep you comfortable, thus increasing that energy bill each month.
  • Sometimes, a change of scenery is nice.  New siding installation can seriously change the look and feel of your Kenosha home.  Siding is popular because if its durability and its style.  Change that 1950’s looking house into a modern-looking home.  It is a huge undertaking to create an entirely new house, but it is not a huge undertaking to change the look of your home.

Siding & Personal Preference

These are just some of the multitude of reasons to consider new siding installation and some were mentioned here.  Others may be unique to your personal home and needs.  Whatever the reason or the need, siding installation serves a multitude of positive upgrades to your Kenosha home.  You can reduce your maintenance costs, reduce your heating and cooling cost, change the look of your home, and add to the overall resale value of your house.  If you are in the seller’s market, adding “new siding installed” is a perfect tag-line to catch a buyer’s attention.  Siding makes sense.  Siding works. And siding is an important part of many Kenosha houses due to our constantly changing environment here in the Midwest. Siding is a great “catch-all” for many of the challenges of homeownership. siding textures and designs, durable siding in kenosha, trusted siding contractors

New siding installation can be just the ticket to help you improve the look and feel and cost of your Kenosha home.  So call your friends at Clearview Windows and let us come out and help you assess what type of siding fits your needs and your budget.  We are one of Kenosha’s premier siding installation companies and we always work hard to earn your business.  We are your trusted advisors, your business partners and your friends so give us a call and let us help.  Clearview Windows, the premier siding installation company in the Kenosha area.