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Can New Windows Save Me Money?

“Can new windows save me money?” We’ve been asked this question many times and, in short, the answer is a resounding YES! Installing energy-efficient windows in your home is widely known as a method to help diminish drafts and save money on heating bills in the winter. However, did you know that the energy and money savings go beyond the winter season? Below, we’ll discuss how energy-efficient windows work so you can better understand how they can save you money. Then, we’ll crunch some numbers so you can see what kind of savings you can expect annually from the installation of energy-efficient windows!

How New, Energy-Efficient Windows Can Save You Money

There are several key elements that make energy-efficient windows effective:


If your home has older windows, there is a good chance that they are outfitted with aluminum frames. The problem here is that aluminum frames have been found to allow hot and cold air to easily pass through from one side to the other. Today’s energy-efficient windows instead use a vinyl or fiberglass frame, which is less conducive to heat and provides an overall better seal and insulation of your home’s internal temperature.

Number of Panes

Many older windows also have a single pane of glass. Most energy-efficient windows will have at least two, if not three, panes of insulated glass that will keep the heat or cold from slipping out of your home. In addition, double pane or triple pane windows are often filled with inert gas, such as argon or krypton, in a vacuum. As these gases are denser than air, they will help to reduce the amount of air that is transferred into and out of your house via the glass.

Low-E Glass

Insulated glass units (IGUs), like the double pane and triple pane windows mentioned above, also feature what is known as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. These work much like sunscreen does for your skin! The Low-E glass contains microscopically thin layers of metallic oxides that both control infrared light and reflect the sun’s UV rays. Not only does this reduce the effects of solar heating in the summer, but it also lowers the heat lost in winter.

Window Installation

How your windows are installed can also make a HUGE difference in their energy-saving performance. Even if you buy the most expensive windows available, with the highest energy-efficient ratings, if they aren’t installed properly, you won’t see the energy-savings you want. (ClearView Windows & Doors knows the proper methods to install energy-efficient windows, and we’d love to help you! Request an estimate today!)

How Much Will Energy-Efficient Windows Save You?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you’ll save between $126 to $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows in your home. If you already have double-pane windows in your home, you can still reap some savings by swapping them out for energy-efficient ones, but not as significant an amount. Plan on $27 to $111 per year when you upgrade to energy-efficient windows. As we are located in Wisconsin, the savings may be slightly lower depending on how harsh the winter is, so keep that in mind as well. That being said, you can expect to see the savings from your energy-efficient windows within 2-3 years.

Other Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are also known for reducing noise pollution. Most homeowners report that 60-75% of exterior noise is reduced or muted after installing energy-efficient windows. Low-E coatings on windows can also help reduce the sun’s damage on furniture, carpets, and other furnishings like photos up to 75%.

Upgrading your windows also adds value to your home in terms of resale value. A conservative estimate would be to expect to recoup about 70% of the purchase price of your replacement windows when it comes time to sell your home. Combined with your monthly energy savings, your windows could potentially pay for themselves!

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