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Should I Install Siding or Windows First?

We’re often asked this question: Should I install new windows or siding first? Ask any exterior home remodeling expert and they’ll tell you that either project can come first, however, doing them at the same time is ideal! Why? Read on to find out!

Installing Windows First

If both projects are undertaken at the same time, the windows would come first. We would remove the siding around the window to be replaced and then proceed to remove the old window. Installing the windows first allows our technicians to properly set the windows in place and then finish them off with the proper capping. (Window capping is a protective covering, often made of aluminum, that is added to your windows’ exterior frames during the installation.) If you begin with the siding, however, there’s a good chance you could damage the capping around your window and cause yourself more of a headache as you’ll need to recap the old window. Then, if you choose to have the window replaced, it will need recapping again. In addition, if you work on the siding first, you’ll need to remove the siding around the window down the line to install the moisture barrier for your new window. Obviously this is less than ideal, and why we suggest doing them at the same time, or do the window replacement first.

Installing Siding First

Although it may make more sense to install your windows first, it really comes down to budget and where your needs lie. That is, if your siding is in very poor condition while your windows could be put on hold for a year or more, you may find that your siding holds priority. When you contact Clearview Windows & Doors, we will help you through the process of choosing which of your needs holds priority. It may even make more sense for you to save up and do both projects at the same time if your windows and siding can last a little bit longer before replacement is the only option. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your window & siding needs! In short, if there is a need to replace both windows and siding, it’s best to do both at the same time. Contact Clearview Windows & Doors today and set up an appointment to find the best option for you!

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