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Siding Replacement & Installation in Kenosha

ClearView Windows & Doors is the premier siding contractor for Kenosha residents! By choosing to update your home with fresh new siding, you are able to avoid the hassle and mess of having to paint or stain your existing exterior. Clearview’s siding team is able to help you choose the best option for your home. Our siding is available in over 26 colors and five different panel styles. We also offer PlyGem Mastic brand vinyl siding that is especially designed to endure harsh conditions. The Ovation series’ patented Snap+Lock+Hold locking system will ensure that your siding remains intact against even the harshest Wisconsin snows and storms!

Whether you are looking to replace old, worn out panels or are wanting to give your house a modern look by simply updating your siding, we will work with you to achieve your specific needs!  As painting or staining your siding is a more costly and less sustainable option, choosing brand new siding designed to be durable and weather-withstanding will keep you home improvement cost down and is a less bothersome project. When you choose one of our tried and tested siding options, you can trust that your exterior paneling will last for longer than simply covering old paneling in paints or stains. Our trusted team also takes care of every aspect of the project, so you can trust a complete and effortless home improvement project without any hassle.

If you are interested in other design options other than the common vinyl panels, we also offer vinyl siding with the classic look of authentic wood! ClearView’s PlyGem Mastic Quest series, gives you the strength and durability of vinyl siding with a realistic woodgrain that could fool a lumberjack! Learn more about our siding options below.

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