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Trending Interior Paint Colors

Photo: Pat Freling of Paint Strategies

One of the biggest home improvement/home beautification questions is, “What are the trending interior paint colors?” Color is everything. Color sets the tone. Color describes the room. Color adds life to any space. The era of the earth tone has faded and some old friends are hip again beginning with Classic Blue. The classics are back and classic blue is sharp, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. Classic White offers the perfect counter to Classic Blue for all the same reasons and more! A Classic Blue TV Room with a Classic White Accent wall is a very modern look and feel.

For a lighter feel, Blush and Burnt Orange can be very nice options. Blush can be a perfect bedroom shade and offer a variety of contrast to a growing child’s personality. Dubbed “millennial pink”, Blush certainly falls into that “classic look” while still be very current and trendy. Burnt Orange is a perfect blend of calm and cool. The rust shading of Burt Orange can go with a rustic environment, a family room, a bathroom, or any of your “lived in” rooms. And Hunter Green is another classic shade that is hot right now.

Trending Tertiary Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

Lastly, there is a gray area to consider. Colors like Peacock Blue, Charcoal, and Off-Black lend a sense of style to any room. Gone are the days of four colors to choose from, and here to stay or the days of limitless shades for the limitless imagination. Consider Clay, or Gun Metal Gray…that is the way to stay when considering the trending interior paint colors.

No matter which color you choose, make sure to make it your own. You want the color to be an extension of your personality. Be bold, take risks, and trust your instincts. You will know what is right for you. The folks here at Clearview Windows are here to help you make and love your decision on which of the trending interior paint color is right for you.